Spotlight: Emery County Volunteer Center and Angel Tree


Jerry Stottler and his wife Gerry are the proud leaders of the Emery County Volunteer Center. The entity does not pay a single staff member and all money raised by volunteers goes directly towards supporting projects in Emery County.

The group reformed three years ago and branched out from the Volunteers of America to be the volunteer program that it is now. The Emery County Volunteer Center is always looking for volunteers, especially around the holiday season.

Currently, they are working on 10 ongoing projects. The main project that the Emery County Volunteer Center is embarking on is the annual Angel Tree. This year, the Angel Tree is sponsoring six families which are equal to 30 children, between ages 8-15. The Angel Tree helps children who may not otherwise receive presents feel the joy and love of the holiday season.

Families, companies and anyone who is willing, can pick up a tag to support a child. This tag will have the child’s name along with their Christmas wish list. All gifts that are donated are then wrapped by student volunteers from Emery High. Monetary donations are always accepted if gifts cannot be purchased.

Those interested in signing up and ‘adopting’ a child this Christmas may do so at Debbie’s Uniques, which is located at 25 East Main Street in Castle Dale.

For more information on how to help a child and family in need this Christmas, contact Jerry at (435) 749-2717.

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