Spring Break Kits Needed for Carbon Caring for Kids


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With Spring Break upcoming, Carbon Caring for Kids has announced that they are needing the most kits ever done, which is 188. This means that they are in need of a lot of help to sponsor kids in Carbon County.

“There are too many kids who worry about food during the breaks,” stated Marcy Loveless. “We can do something about it.”

There are a few different ways to help the children of the community over the break. By visiting Carbon Caring for Kids’ Facebook page, those interested can comment how many children they would like to sponsor.

Buy items needed for each kit is another way to help. Items are specific due to being items that children are able to make and eat themselves if needed. Finally, by packing the items in the bags provided by Carbon Caring for Kids, it gets the food items one step closer to the children.

The bags can be picked up beforehand and transferred when the items are dropped off. Kits are needed by Monday, March 25 and can be delivered to 1551 West Cedar Drive in Price.

Each kit will need one box of cereal, five microwaveable Chef Boyardee meals, two tuna/chicken and cracker packets of any flavor, six to eight fruit cups, four applesauce pouches or cups and eight granola bars.

The kits will also need eight to 10 individual snacks in a variety, if possible, and one peanut butter and one jelly in plastic, not glass, containers.

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