State Legislature Candidates State Their Reasons for Running


By Julie Johansen

Lynn Jackson, Logan Monson and Douglas Heaton, the candidates for House District 69, were invited to debate at the Republican Pre-Convention Debate on Wednesday, March 20. All three candidates made the journey to Castle Dale at the Spartan Center Little Theater to introduce themselves and present their platforms to the citizens gathered there.

The first question asked “What is your stance on in person or mail-in voting?”

All three candidates favored in person voting and found problems with mail-in votes, like transparency, complacency and security. They felt that there is a chance for mischief in mail-in voting and counting; “If we lose integrity in the ballot we lose.”

When asked how well they would work with local elected officials to make our economy strong, Heaton answered that government does not create wealth but can create an environment to increase the economy. He said his job was to keep the state out of it and let the county go to work.

Jackson said economics should be developed around what is in the county, eventually looking at what basic resources are available. He continued we are swimming in a sea of federal land.

Monson reminded all that the government closest to the people serve the people best. He added it is very important to be engaged with the people you represent.

Following more questions, the candidates had an opportunity to conclude their campaign to the audience by emphasizing their platforms.

Monson thanked the people in attendance for showing up and being involved. He stated that if they were looking for someone who fits the mold, is loud and knows it all, is seen and heard, that it is not him. He said he did have a broad level of experience in the political arena and he could bring people to a common cause.

Heaton said he was really enjoying himself and loves the founding fathers. He wants to take his ‘litmus test’ to the state legislature because there is so much at stake. He wants to have the founding principles remain.

Jackson has background and experience in federal, county, state and private government. He has lived and worked in the area for 45 years and said he would speak up and make your voices heard.

The House District #67 candidates had also been invited, though Representative Christine Watkins did not attend. Hopeful candidate Tom Hansen took a few minutes to state his views about some of the topics from the evenings discussions. He felt that there should be a choice on voting whether in person or mail-in, “Let it be an option”.

Hansen spoke about his leadership as the President of the Emery Telcom Board. He would fight for rural values and differentiate himself as a rural legislator. When asked about which county was the best, he said that actions speak louder than words and in Emery County, we stand behind others in tragedy.

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