Students Seeking Names of WWII Veterans Who Served in the European Theater


EHS Press Release

Maleeya Mecham and Gideon Mecham of Huntington, are going on a family trip to Europe in early summer. The trip will focus on WWII history and battlefields.  The trip will include London, England; Munich, Germany and the Dachau Concentration Camp; Switzerland; Colmar, France; Luxembourg; Bastogne, Belgium; Normandy, France and the D-Day Landing Beaches on June 6, the 80th Anniversary of the Landings.

As part of this trip we will be visiting the following American Cemeteries, Monuments and other sites:

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium  (7,897 soldiers)

Malmedy Massacre Site, Belgium

Luxembourg American Cemetery (5,070 soldiers)

Lorraine American Cemetery, France (10,481 soldiers)

Pointe du Hoc Ranger Monument, Normandy France

Normandy American Cemetery, Omaha Beach Normandy (9,387 soldiers)

On an earlier trip we learned how meaningful it is when you can search out and find a relative who is buried at or served near these historical places.  We took this picture of a relative two years ago at the Normandy American Cemetery.

If you have a relative who served near any of these places or who is buried at one of these American Cemeteries, we would love to get a photo for you of their grave marker or the area/town they served in.

If you would like to take this opportunity, please contact us before May 20, at the following email and include as much detail about the person as possible including: Full name, rank, unit information, place of service and cemetery interred in.  We would love to hear stories about their service.  It is a privilege to be able to honor those who gave their all for our country and freedom.

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