Carbon Chamber Highlights Price City Renaissance Festival


Price City’s upcoming Renaissance Festival was advertised at the Carbon Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) luncheon that was held on Thursday, March 21.

Price City Councilman Layne Miller spoke on the Renaissance Festival that will take place on April 26 and 27 in Washington and Pioneer parks in Price.

Miller began his speech with history on how the festival began. Following the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2022, event coordinator Megan Marshall approached the council asking for funding to host a Renaissance Festival to take place six weeks later. The council member at that time, Rick Davis, explained that he did not have much left in the budget for events but to ask councilman Miller.

Miller was able to carve out funding from the Culture Connection budget to help fund the first renaissance festival in Price. “I had no idea what I was about to start,” said Miller.

The event was a huge success, bringing in an audience that Price City events normally don’t attract. Following that year, Mayor Michael Kourianos more than doubled the budget for the festival.

With the first year of the festival, around 20 vendors participated. However, in the second year of the festival, the vendors more than doubled with 50 vendors. This year, Price City announced they have 140 vendors signed up, which is expected to pack both Washington and Pioneer parks.

Councilman Miller invited all of the community to come and expressed it is going to be a great time.

“Thank you to you guys and thank you to Megan for putting this on,” said Miller. “She has really opened our eyes.”

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