Sunnyside Says No to Hunting Practice in Park


Councilperson Sheri Madrid notified the Sunnyside City Council on Tuesday that an unknown person set up an archery range in the park.

The range included a backstop and spray painted distance markers.

City workers had received complaints of stray arrows from a property owner who lived behind the makeshift backstop. The Council determined that the city would remove the archery equipment if the owner didn’t remove it first.

Councilperson Tony Riffle mentioned people could use an archery range just off Highway 124 between East Carbon and Columbia.


  • The Council approved a rate raise for the ambulance.
  • The Council approved the sale of a land plot that was previously donated to the city. The rate would be 50 cents per square foot.
  • The Council will consider writing a letter to East Carbon to gauge interest in approaching the Community Impact Board for a combined grant.
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