Support Carbon’s Riley Palmer in His Battalion DCI Bugle Corp Journey


Riley Palmer, who is the eldest son of Ashley Herrera, is in both marching band and track at Carbon High School (CHS). This year, Palmer had the opportunity to audition for the Battalion DCI Bugle Corp, which is a marching band that is based out of Salt Lake City.

Out of 500 others that auditioned, ranging in age from 14 to 21, Palmer was successfully chosen to be a member of the 150-member marching band that tours the country and performs at a world championship hosted in Indianapolis. This will take place before the start of the next school year at the Colt Stadium.

Every year, more than 8,000 students audition with the hope of competing and performing for 400,000 fans at the DCI live events.

“This opportunity paves the way for him to distinguish himself to achieve future endeavors in applying for selective college admission applications, meeting scholarship requirements and achieving personal growth to adulthood,” Herrera stated.

As part of the Battalion, Palmer will be learning the importance of gaining new levels of responsibility as well as self-knowledge and discipline. He will gain values that will aid in his transition to adulthood. During the tour, he will be challenged by many long hours of practice on the journey to perfecting the performance.

Palmer will also be participating in pre-planned community outreach and service projects where the corp. is housed across the United States while on tour.

“He is also going to learn the important value of self-reliance, because we as his parents are going to be many, many miles away,” Herrera shared. “We are searching for sponsors to help get him there, as the cost is $4,200, and that does not include the airfare to get him home.”

While Palmer is a dedicated musician, he hopes to continue and use the values that he learns through this opportunity to attend college and become an engineer. Businesses that may be willing to sponsor Palmer on his journey will not only help him in his talents, but in his journey toward earning scholarships.

Being part of something this prestigious may open doors and avenues for Palmer during his college application process. “We appreciate your willingness to hear his story,” said Herrera.

Those that are interested in possible sponsoring or donating to Palmer may contact his mother at

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