Fundraising Activity at Canyon View Middle School


By Julie Johansen

Thirty seven cakes were baked, decorated and brought to school by Canyon View Middle School students on Friday to be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the school’s reward program, “Cougar Pride.” The cakes were then judged in different areas such as Best Overall, Best Character/Animal Cake, Valentines and Canyon View.

Teacher Karl Jensen was the auctioneer and started the bidding at $10-$15, though the cakes went for much more than that. Most cakes sold for between $50 and $100, but some even went for $200 and $300. Students could pool their money and then, following the auction and talent show, tables and utensils were available in the cafeteria area so they could enjoy the cakes together. Other cakes were purchased by parents who planned to take the cakes home.

In between selling cakes, students performed 11 talent numbers, including duets and solo songs, dancing, cheering, stand-up comedy, and a number involving the faculty with the cheerleaders.

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