Tera Luke Matsuda Gives Health Advice During Ask the Expert Segment


The Ask the Expert segment that is hosted by the Helper City Library continued on Tuesday evening, this time with Matsuda Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine owner Tera Luke Matsuda.

Matsuda began the session by handing each of the attendees a quiz to take on their physical and mental health as well as a flyer detailing a four-step wellness and functional medicine program. The steps in the program are case review/program design, wellness curriculum, Matsuda treatments and lifestyle upgrades.

Matsuda then informed the audience that he will be adding new services to his practice, including a functional medicine program.

“The main message is that we need to take back control of our health,” Matsuda stated.

Instead of putting things off and not listening to our bodies continually, becoming in tune with your mind and body is key. According to Matsuda, the Five Pillars of Health are essential. The pillars are Digestive Health and Detox, Nutrition, Hormones, Exercise and Brain Health.

“If you have all of these pieces working for you, you’ll be a well-rounded individual,” said Matsuda.

He then informed the crowd that traditional Chinese medicine always looked at people as a whole being, which is where the term Holistic Medicine was born. Matsuda also pointed out the fact that a lot of generic medications have intense side effects.

In conjunction with the five pillars of health, Matsuda discussed brain health and its importance. Brain health is something that can be practiced daily to improve yourself. He then introduced the Mindset Morning practice and asked the audience to participate in a breathing exercise that can affect your body and assist in every decision that you make throughout the day.

If you are interested in more information on these practices, free phone consultations with Matsuda can be conducted by calling (435) 650-2302.

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