Carbon County Commissioners Publicly Review 2017 Budget


A request was made at the Carbon County Commission meeting Wednesday evening for a stay seizure of a personal property tax assessment for A-Fab Engineering. Lynn Kingston, representative for the company, was not in attendance at the meeting. Instead, the commissioner’s attorney, Christian Bryner, spoke to the commissioners on this issue.

Bryner reminded the commissioners that, in the past, when other issues have occurred with Kingston, he has failed to follow through with attendance in meetings or obtaining information needed. It was Bryner’s recommendation to deny the stay. The commissioners agreed, denying the request and approving the move forward to secure the property for sale.

The meeting was then put into recess while the commissioners reviewed their department records. After the recess, commissioner Jae Potter introduced the public review and discussion of the 2017 county budget.

Due to a prior meeting, where many community members came forward and requested that the commissioners not approve a 9.26% tax increase, the commissioners believed that it was prudent to do a series of budget reviews that the public can bear witness to in order for residents and media personnel to see where the funds go.

“We’ve been spoiled,” Potter stated, before saying that certain things have indeed been cut and there are no plans currently to add programs.

The budget is also available for public view on the commissioner’s website. At the end of reviewing the budget and the different departments, the commissioners stated that they appreciated all that took the time to attend the meeting and educate themselves on what has to be done.

The commissioners also encouraged the community to get involved in the process. If there are ideas and opinions that you would like to make known to the commissioners, their email address can be found on their website. They can also be reached by contacting Sandy Lehman. The phone number for the commissioner’s office is (435) 636-3226.

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