The Helper Project to Award Scholarships to Local Students


Pat King and his mother, Geraldine

Press Release

As part of its mission statement to revitalize Helper and create cultural connections, the Helper Project will be awarding scholarships to Helper students graduating from or attending Carbon High School who want to attend Utah State University Eastern. Funding for the scholarships is coming from the King Family Foundation. Pat King, who oversees the foundation, and Roy Jespersen, co-founder of the Helper Project, have been friends for over 35 years.

Recently, Mr. King’s foundation donated four million dollars for the construction of the new Geraldine E. King Resource Center for homeless women in Salt Lake City. The center will open next month and is named after Mr. King’s mother.

Geraldine King was a devout Catholic who raised seven children on her own while on government assistance. “Though she had little money, my mother was always willing to help others,” stated Mr. King.

Pat King is just as committed to helping others. “I’m really impressed with the work of the Helper Project. None of the board members are paid, yet all of them are totally committed to helping the residents of this small historical town in any way they can,” King stated.

Several years ago, Mr. King actually owned a metal fabrication company in Helper that produced materials for the mines. “Helper has gone through some difficult changes since I had my business here. However, I couldn’t be happier about the positive changes that are occurring now in Helper thanks in part to the Helper Project and all the others that are involved.”

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