The Old West Company Store is Available for All Custom Needs


The Old West Company Store was welcomed to Carbon County on Saturday afternoon by the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce, Carbon County Royalty and various members of the community.

The Old West Company Store specializes in custom iron gates, iron fencing in all sizes and styles, plus much more. One exciting staple of the store is the pet memorials that may be engraved into wood and metal. Many designs may be installed on a myriad of materials by the store and free bids are available. Alongside custom work, the store sells odds and ends that will fill your home with joy.

The business is also hosting its own pop-up shop that upcoming businesses are welcome to rent to get a good handle on customers and the business world.

Another exciting aspect that the Old West Company Store is welcoming to the community is the Price Main Street billboard, located just outside of the store. This billboard is will host a melting pot theme and all in the area are invited to submit their favorite place and/or activity in the county. Also welcome are stories of triumph, tragedy and accomplishments.

The pictures, letters, explanations and testimonials may be submitted at the mail slot located in front of their establishment. However, the billboard is in need of repair and those that wish to assist or donate may contact Ron or Julie Jarvis for more information.

The Old West Company Store is located at 95 East Main in Price. For a free bid or more information, call (801) 310-4694 or email

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