Tiffany Brabant is Carbon County’s February Employee of the Month


During the Wednesday evening Carbon County Commission meeting, Human Resources Director Kellie Payne announced the February Employee of the Month. This time around, the honor was given to Tiffany Brabant, who is the Administrative Assistant for Building and Planning, Economic Development and Tourism.

Brabant was nominated by Tourism Specialist Tina Grange, who sent in the nomination in October and said that though Brabant has not been with the county long, she continues to make a big impression.

“For me on the tourism side of things, I don’t like remembering how it was before Tiffany, because there were days I felt I could barely keep my head above water,” Grange shared.

Brabant has taken over the event calendar and everything that has to do with the SPX GeoTour and GeoCaching. She keeps up on requests and Grange stated that those three things alone have been a tremendous help and has allowed her to be more marketing-focused. She was also a huge help with the Scofield Jeep Tour.

Grange explained that events with multiple moving parts cannot work without help and Brabant was always there to assist with any requests.

Commission Chair Larry Jensen said that Brabant’s position was made possible through the added work from the Tourism and Planning department, by more money that is coming in from the Transient Road Tax (TRT) and Building department.

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