Christmas Tree Regalia Proceeds Benefit Food Programs


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The Christmas Tree Regalia had a highly successful 2023 season. With trees for auction, various events and a Christmas gift shop, there was something for everyone and myriad of opportunities to enjoy the regalia and get in the holiday spirit.

Those behind the regalia strive to give back to the community with the funds that are raised during the course of the festivities. This year, keeping the community fed was the main focus.

“Food insecurity is the lack of access to enough food for an active, healthy life,” the regalia shared. “It is associated with adverse social and health outcomes and is considered a critical public health issue.”

The key drivers of food insecurity include unemployment, poverty and income shocks. With inflation adding a heavy price to everyone’s pockets, families are often forced to choose between necessities.

“Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice, so we are dedicating this year’s regalia proceeds to programs that are focused on feeding those in need in Carbon and Emery counties,” the regalia stated.

Out of Utah’s 29 counties, Carbon County ranks as the fourth-highest, while Emery holds the ninth-highest ranking, for food insecurity. One in nine children in Utah experience the stress of hunger and and not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Since March of 2023, many older adults and veterans that are on fixed incomes have lost food support benefits, going from $281 a month to only $23 a month.

All of this in mind had the regalia passionate to give back to those that secure food opportunities for the community. Both food banks in Carbon and Emery counties, as well as Carbon Caring for Kids and Emery Caring for Kids, were given gracious donations.

In 2023, just over $50,000 was raised. Following bills and start-up costs, the regalia had a total of $36,000 left to give back into the communities. Each entity was given a total of $9,000 to benefit their programs.

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