TougHER Gym Hosts Sweat for the Vets Event


TougHER Gym is known throughout the community as the place for women to go for exercises, classes and even personal trainers. Accommodated with workout balls, a full weight set and more, the gym has everything one would expect to find in a highly stocked workout area.

On Friday evening, Veterans Day, the gym hosted a very special Sweat for the Vets competition. This competition was geared toward raising funds that would assist veterans, both past and present. Men and women were welcomed and encouraged to sign up and compete in various exercises for copious awards.

Kettle ball squats, planks and more were expected from the competitors. The overall winner in the girls’ competition was Gwen Nielson. In the males’ sector, Cy Nelson took the top place. $1,100 was raised during this tournament.

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