Update Given on the 2024 Renaissance Festival


ETV News Stock Photo

Megan Marshall, Price City Event Coordinator, donned her best gown to attend the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening and present an update on the 2024 Renaissance Festival.

2024 marks the third year of the fair, which is scheduled for the last weekend in April, on the 26th and 27th, at Washington Park. There are a few different activities that are currently being considered and decisions are being based on growth from the first year to the second.

As of the last count, there are 101 booth spaces blocked out in the park and 82 of those are already reserved by 58 vendors. The majority of the vendors are renting multiple spots and Marshall stated that 82 out of 101 is exciting, as it is still February, though there is hope to still fill the 19 spots remaining.

Eleven of those are food vendors that have been carefully handpicked to be on-theme for the festival. Though the food might not come from the era, the food trucks will be decorated as the desire is to have attendees completely immersed in the environment.

Marshall then gave a growth comparison, stating that in the first year of the fair, there were 20 vendors and about 2,000 attendees. Last year, there were over 3,000 attendees and through growth and exposure, Marshall was thrilled to say that a lot of the vendors attending are from out of state. They are traveling from places such as Texas, Florida and Michigan.

Marshall is already working with hotels for discounts on vendors, entertainers and the like. She said that this is a great boost for the economy and for tourism before thanking the council for its support.

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