USU Eastern Professor Hosts Gallery Walk


Tyson Chappell is not only a professor that teachers anatomy and physiology at USU Eastern, he’s also an experienced photographer. On Friday evening, Chappell got the opportunity to show his skills in a gallery hosted at the college.

Chappell first became interested in photography when his daughter was born back in 2002. The hobby began with a Sony Coolpix 3 Megapixel camera. He used his growing understanding of photography to take digital images of brains he was studying in his neuroscience doctorate program. Dabbling in Photoshop helped create his understanding that the power of digital photography told a more powerful message.

Every few years, Chappell would upgrade his camera equipment. To date, he uses a Canon 1DX with a handful of great lenses. Chappell is not only father to his aforementioned daughter, he’s also graced with his wife and two sons.

“I am so grateful to be able to be in Price, this is such a beautiful area and I think the beauty around here is under-appreciated,” Chappell stated.

A large number of his photos are from Price and the surrounding areas. Chappell would like to urge others to get out at night and experience Utah under the stars. To him, being outside and looking out at the cosmos is a great way to connect with everything.

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