Utah Inland Port Authority Proposes Castle Country Project Area


The Castle Country Project Area was presented for initial review at the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) board meeting that was hosted on May 20.

According to the UIPA, this project is aimed at transforming both Carbon and Emery counties into major economic hubs. It will leverage significant existing rail and logistics assets, to foster economic diversity and sustainability within the region.

Shanny Wilson, Carbon County Economic Development and Tourism Director, stated that when Carbon County began having conversations with the UIPA, they had a desire to be part of the community, seeing the potential and believing in the county’s vision to recruit good companies that will bring jobs to the are and help lower taxes.

“There’s been a tax shift that went from Centrally Assessed to the Homeowner due to the closure of coal mines and power plants, and we want to shift it back,” said Wilson. “We are excited to kick-start this partnership that will incentivize the development, construction, and operation of potential manufacturing, in a very desirable area that’s close to rail, air, highways, and all the great things Carbon County has to offer!”

According to UIPA’s Project Area Plan and Budget draft, multiple distinct zones in the Castle Country Inland Port will provide a wider pool of resources that exist across Carbon and Emery counties. UIPA stated that Carbon County and Green River posses significant rail and logistical assets that are presently underutilized.

“The proposal outlines a comprehensive strategy focused on harnessing the existing infrastructure, including over 2,185 acres land strategically located along primary road and rail arteries. This development will accommodate a wide array of industries, particularly focusing on hydrogen and alternative energy sources, manufacturing, carbon fiber production and CO2 sequestration,” UIPA shared.

Key highlights from the project proposal, presented by Jenna Draper, Associate Vice President of Regional Project Area Development for Central and Eastern Utah, include economic revitalization, infrastructure utilization and environmental considerations.

There is a great opportunity to catalyze substantial economic growth while also fostering diversified development within the designated zones of the inland port project, which would be succeeded through the collaborative efforts of resources available through the UIPA and land use authorities.

Both Carbon County and Green River will be coordinated with on the recruitment sourcing strategy. They may work in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, EDCUtah and other state and regional agencies on recruitment opportunities, according to the Project Area Plan and Budget Draft.

“Resolutions backing the creation of this project area have been passed by the Carbon and Emery County Commissions and Green River City, reflecting a unified commitment to regional development,” UIPA shared.

One such example of backing the creation of the project area came from Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen, who stated that this is significant for the county to get some financial help with infrastructure upfront to help several companies get off the ground.

Now, the Castle Country Project Area will face a final review for adoption on June 24.

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