Utah Ranks #6 for Wildfires in the United States


Move.org, a website that targets the most painful parts in every step of the moving process, conducted recent research by gathering data that was published by the National Fire and Aviation Management Web Applications Program pertaining to wildfires within the United States.

Though 10 states did not have 2020 wildfire data published and were not included within the rankings, the other states were evaluated with provided research from the last three years to gain a full understanding of the growing rate of the fires in the U.S.

The most common cause of wildfires was also assessed. The state that topped the research with the most acres burned was California with 11,830,040 acres. The most common cause of fires within that state was reported to be children and lightning. In contrast, Delaware was the state with the fewest acres that were burned with only eight.

Utah ranked at number six. In 2020, Utah saw a 142.7% increase in wildfires that destroyed 216,691 acres. The most commonly reported cause of these fires for the Beehive State were fireworks.

From 2019 to 2020, the average number of wildfires within the United States increase by a whopping 959% and the median amount of the fires increased by 46%. In the last three years, Alaska, California, Oregon, Texas and Utah have had the most acres burned by wildfires.

Though wildfire season does not typically peak until late July or August in the state of Utah, response teams had to travel to the area early in 2021 as fires such as the Bennion and Bear fires began to ravage wildlife and acreage very close to homes and businesses within Carbon County.

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