Utah State University Focuses on Remote Work


By Robin Hunt

Jordan Leonard, USU Eastern Program Coordinator, met with Green River High School students and Green River residents on Wednesday. During his presentation, he promoted the Certified Remote Work Professional Course offered by USU Eastern. 

This course is a one-month class that trains on remote work and programs. At the end of the course, graduates receive a certificate as a Remote Work Professional. As part of this training, students will be able to benefit from programs such as Skillshare, Flexjobs and pluralsight. 

“The four most important things about remote work are number one, a reliable computer,” Leonard stated. “Number two, reliable internet; number three, skills; and number four, employers want desire.” 

The course is part of the Rural Online Initiative, which provides specialized remote work training to individuals for success in a rapidly-changing economy. Leonard went on to encourage interested persons to sign up for the course by clicking here.

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