Utah’s Own Hoping to Help Carbon County Business


Utah’s Own, an entity that focuses on strengthening the state’s economy by enabling business-to-business networking, is now setting foot in Carbon County.

Ryan Murray from the Center for Workforce Development at Utah State University Eastern spoke recently at a Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) meeting regarding the expansion of Utah’s Own into the local area.

An event will take place on Wednesday for local producers. The free event will help producers, mainly those in the food network, connect with local businesses to sell their products, helping boost Utah’s economy. According to utahsown.utah.gov, for every $1 spent on local product, $4-6 is added to Utah’s economy while reducing the area’s carbon footprint.

In addition, the Utah’s Own brand provides credible local branding. Consumers can trust the brand to deliver quality taste and flavor from farm to table. To find local listing including farms, dining locations, farmers markets and more, visit https://utahsown.utah.gov/list.php

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