Utah’s Unemployment Rate Unchanged from May to June


The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) reported that Utah’s non-farm payroll employment for June of 2022 increased an estimated 3.5% across the past 12 months. This increase came with the state’s economy adding a cumulative 56,300 jobs since June 2021.

Currently, Utah’s current job count stands at 1,666,300. For the month of June, the adjusted unemployment rate for the season came in at an estimated 2.0%, which is unchanged from May. An approximate 34,900 Utahns that are unemployed. The national unemployment rate for the month was steady at 3.6%.

Mark Knold, the Chief Economist for the DWS, stated that the inflation issue is the most pressing before the economy. According to Knold, with these high levels, there is always a concern that high inflation will find a way to weaken the economy. However, there is not evidence of this happening so far in Utah.

“Utah’s June private sector employment recorded a year-over-year expansion of 3.9%, or a 52,800 job increase,” shared the DWS. “All ten of Utah’s major private-sector industry groups posted net year-over-year job gains, led by Trade, Transportation, Utilities (12,800 jobs); Construction (10,300 jobs); Leisure and Hospitality (8,900 jobs); and Education and Health Services (7,100 jobs).”

In June, Carbon County reported a 3.2% unemployment rate while Emery County sat at 2.9%. Garfield County has the highest unemployment rate in the state for June at 5.8% while Juab, Morgan and Summit counties were the lowest at 1.7%.

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