Voters Decide Municipal Elections


 Voters went to the polls on Tuesday to decide a number of key issues. Many local city council seats and mayoral positions were up for grabs across Carbon and Emery counties.

East Carbon and Sunnyside put the matter of consolidation of the two cities on the ballot. Sunnyside passed the measure 70 votes for and 32 against and East Carbon voted 297 for and 68 against.

The ZAP tax renewal for Price City also passed with an overwhelming margin of 518 for and 130 against. Helper passed the RAP tax by a vote of 174 in favor and 118 against.

In Scofield, Mike Erkkila won the mayoral position. In the four-year council race, it was Barbara E. Leek with 12 votes and Scott Holman with 14. In the two-year seat it was Carol Levanger with nine votes and nine write in votes with Debra Arakaki garnering six.

Ed Chavez beat Matt Montoya to retain the mayoral seat in Helper. For Helper City Council it was Gary Harwood, who received 170 votes, Chris Pugleise finished with 151, Walter Borla had 125 and Donald Mortensen with 108.

Wellington reported that Joan Powell received 174 votes for Mayor. Ben Blackburn had 142. For Wellington City Council it was Kirt Tatton with 265 and Terry L. Sanslow with 243.

Joe Piccolo will return as Price City Mayor for another term with 502 votes. Price City Council had two open seats and Miles Nelson took in 460 votes. Kathy Hanna-Smith finished with 380 and James Jewkes received 307.

Sunnyside will also return its mayor Douglas Parsons who received 79 votes and Tracy Stratton at 16. Tony Riffle got 61 votes and Nola Porter 81 to remain on the council in the four-year seats. Bruce Andrews will fill the two-year seat with 61 votes while Tom Jones received 37.

East Carbon will have a new mayor with Barbara Robinett taking 166 votes. Barbara Fisher finished with 124. For East Carbon City Council it was Philip Holt at 191 votes, Karla C. Young with 178, Darrell Valdez had 153 and Guy (Corky) Koss had 108.

In Emery County, races had Castle Dale voting for mayor. Danny Vanwagoner ended with 200 votes and Michael C. Kava finished with 111. For the two four year city council seats it was Julie Johansen 217, Douglas Weaver with 160, Jacob Barnett at 134 and Mary V. Kava at 98.

Cleveland City had Kobi M. Erni with 78 and Bryan Christiansen at 68 votes. For Cleveland town council Michael Taylor finished with 88 votes and Verla Jensen had 73. Just two votes behind was Jesse Ward with 71. Priscilla Burton ended with 54.

Emery Town mayor had Mistie J. Christiansen take the spot with 73 votes over Eric R. Anderson at 21. Write in candidate Varian Allen took the top spot for one of the four year council spots with 78. Richard Wiley Pope Jr. finished with 45 and Jon “Smiley” Sundstrom garnered 31.

Trent Jackson will take over as mayor of Ferron with 262 votes over Larry B. Friis at 185. In the two four year seats for council it was Joe Trenery at 260 and Vickie Shreve with 249 in the top spots. Josh Galvez ended with 191 and Clyde Garrett Conover finished with 176.

Hilary Gordon will retain her spot as Huntington mayor with 227 over Jim Greenan at 144. Gloria Wilson ran unopposed for the two-year term and got 343 votes. Laneea Cowley garnered 254 votes and Mark T. Justice had 207 to fill the four year terms with Becki Jorgensen receiving 194.

Orangeville’s Roger S. Swenson took top votes for mayor with 174 ahead of Shawn Patrick Alton at 164. Tom Balzer will fill the two year term with 330 votes. Carole Larsen got 312 votes and Kent Wilson received 297 to sit in the four year council seats.

In Green River, Pat Brady garnered 105 votes to remain in the position of mayor. For council seats it was Philip Engleman with 105, Michael Silliman at 93, Shlisa Hughes at 80 and Kent Johnson garnering 78.

All the election results are unofficial until absentee and provisional ballots are counted.


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