Wanted: Ferron Elementary Cowboys and Cowgirls for a Reading Rodeo


By Julie Johansen

Ferron Elementary Librarian Lori Rogers recently challenged all students in kindergarten through sixth grade to each read 600 minutes throughout the month of March.

If the students accomplished their goal, they were invited to participate in an incentive rodeo. The rodeo arena (gymnasium) was the setting of team penning (pigs), snake in my boot, barrel racing, shoot out, chicken chase and roping.

The cowboys and cowgirls were then led to the biggest event of all; bull riding in the library. There, they had to pose for the usual eight seconds atop a painted bull to have their picture taken. Then, they headed to the “ole watering hole” for treats and a short video on rodeo.

Parents and staff were at the arena to help and everyone gave a big “wahoo” for a great time.

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