Wellington City Celebrates Pioneer Day Despite Pandemic


The Pioneer Day celebration hosted in Wellington City each year took on a different feel for 2020 as restrictions were set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This event was organized by Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley and his family. Shalyce Rauhala provided live entertainment for all while community members celebrated the holiday together while practicing social distancing at the city’s park.

“To see everyone at the park enjoying an evening out on a beautiful night under a beautiful sky in this free land that we live in was perfect,” Bradley stated.

Bradley continued by stating that he could not thank everyone enough for all that they do. The evening was topped off by a stunning firework performance and Bradley remarked that his hope was that all enjoyed the evening as much as he did.

“Wellington is a very special place and there truly aren’t better people,” Bradley concluded.

The firework show was made possible by the generous donations of community members.

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