Wellington City Council Delays Decision of Appointing a New Police Captain


Wellington City property could one day host a small wireless communications tower.

During the Dec. 18 Wellington City Council meeting, officials were expected to appoint a new police captain. However, council members agreed to table the appointment until further discussion could be made over the issue. An executive session was conducted immediately following the public council meeting and a decision could possibly be made at next month’s council meeting.

Wellington has been without a police chief since July. At that time, former Wellington City Police Chief Lee Barry stepped down from the position for unknown reasons. City council member Kirt Tatton explained that the police department was doing a fine job serving the community without an appointed leader.

Since that time, the Wellington City Police Department has been operating with two full-time officers and several rotating personnel. Although not many details are known at this time, the city council is looking at appointing an officer to take on the responsibility of leading the police force.

In other business, council members approved several business licenses during the meeting. Denny’s Handyman Service and Photography by Marie Bryner Bowles will both be businesses that will soon grace the Wellington City landscape.

Shane Baggs from BEH Communications also addressed the council at last week’s meeting. Baggs requested the use of Wellington City property to house a small wireless communications tower.

According to Baggs, installation of a 25-30 foot tall tower with a small antenna will provide improved wireless internet services for BEH customers who reside in Wellington. “I would rather work with cities than personal and private entities when installing equipment,” he explained.

Council members explained that they are not opposed to the proposal. However, they recommend Baggs speak to the planning and zoning committee before they would make a decision. “If we allow this installation, do we give an edge to you over the competition?” Tatton questioned. “I recommend going through planning and zoning first.”

Council member Pete Yakovich agreed with Tatton but added that the city does all they can to accommodate business growth.


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