Wellington City Council Fills Vacancy With Newest Council Member


A vacancy was left in the Wellington City Council as member Paula Noyes was recently named the new Wellington City Mayor. To fill this vacancy, the council hosted a midterm vacancy filling during Wednesday’s meeting.

This term will expire on the first Monday of January 2022. The three that applied for the position were Brandi Davis, Garrit Pell and Kory Moosman.

Davis spoke first on why she believed that she should be nominated for the seat, stating that she grew up in Wellington, has resided there her entire life and her family is there. She remarked that it shaped her life and made her who she is today.

“I want to give back to the community that shaped me,” Davis stated.

Davis continued by stating that she believes that, at this point in her life, there are a lot of things that she could do to assist Wellington in growing by being on the council and move it in a positive direction.

Next, Pell took the podium to discuss his opinion on being on the council. He echoed Davis’ sentiment of being born and raised in Wellington and that it helped shape him into the person that he is today.

Moosman remarked that he wished to be on the council as he feels that, with this position with the city, it puts him in a good place to help relay what the public has expressed and concerns that they may have that he can then bring back to the council to make decisions.

Dealing with public works, Moosman believes that he is on the inside of things.

“I do a lot of things for the city and I just want to do more,” Moosman concluded.

Wellington City Recorder Glenna Nelson gave each council member, with the exemption of Mayor Noyes, a slip of paper for them to make their nomination. By the vote, Pell was given the position and was invited to be a part of the city council.

The council informed those in attendance that there is currently a position open on Wellington City Planning and Zoning as well. Pell’s Oath of Office will take place during the next regularly scheduled Wellington City Council meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

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