Wellington City Council Fills Vacancy


Wellington native Brad Timothy won the popular vote to fill the mid-term vacancy on Wellington City’s council on Wednesday evening.

Three locals, Milton Brian Thayn, Brad Timothy and Terry Sanslow, applied for the vacant position on the city council. During Wednesday’s regular meeting, all three applicants were called to the podium to introduce themselves before the council took a vote.

First to the podium was Thayn, who recently moved within city limits in the last year. He mentioned he had council-like experience due to his activity with non-profits and school boards. Although he just moved within the limits of the city, he was raised just outside the line and always felt like Wellington was home.

“Now that I live within the city limits, I wanted to take the opportunity to participate on working to improve the city,” stated Thayn.

Timothy, a 66-year-long Wellington native, was the next applicant to approach the podium. He stated that he has lived in Wellington for his entire life with the exception of the six months he ventured to Alaska following graduation. Timothy returned and has stayed ever since because he loves where he lives.

“I complain once in awhile about things and if I’m going to complain, I feel like I need to be involved,” said Timothy.

Last to the podium was former city council member Terry Sanslow. He stated that he saw an opportunity to come back, step in and help the city. His goal was to find ways to make the city better.

Before the council voted, Wellington Mayor Paula Noyes expressed that it was difficult vote for the council because all three applicants were wonderful people.

Once the votes were gathered and counted, Wellington’s newly-appointed recorder, Gracie Steele, announced that Timothy was awarded the vacant position.

Timothy will only hold the city council position until the first Monday of January 2022 where the council seat will then be awarded to the candidate who wins the upcoming election in November. Also during the 2022 election, Timothy will be competing against Derk Bradley, a current city council member, for the Wellington Mayor position.

Timothy will be sworn in during the next council meeting slated for Aug. 11 at 6 p.m.

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