Wellington Considers Increased Water Rates


During the Wellington City Council meeting that was hosted on Wednesday evening, a public hearing was hosted concerning Wellington City’s water rates that will increase this year.

Rebecca Evans, Wellington City Treasurer, began by reading two letters that were addressed to the council regarding the new rates, one of which was in favor of the rates. However, the second letter was against.

Kirt Tatton then addressed the council in person and explained that he was a member of the council two years prior. He stated that he has insight regarding water and sewer from his time served and believes that the project is necessary and needed for the city to run adequately.

Tatton and his wife, Carla, gave support for Wellington City and the increases that must be made. They also expressed gratitude toward the council for the hard work that has to be done.

Mayor Brad Timothy explained that utility rates pay not only for projects among the city, but city employee wages as well. He said that the city is not able to afford to not raise the rates after many leaks that have been experienced within the last year. The city has an old system and replacements are a requirement.

Councilman Glen Wells added a comment, remarking that the project has been put on the back burner for too long and it has to be completed as quickly as possible. Councilwoman Bethany Perea added that the water rates are increasing throughout the state.

A question from a citizen in attendance in regard to when the project would officially begin was voiced, with the council stating that the projected date is in mid-April, assuming that all goes well.

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