Price City Council Discusses Mid-Year Budget Revisions


The Price City Council hosted a public hearing on Wednesday evening to receive public comment on the fiscal year 2021-2022 mid-year budget revision. The council then considered the resolution amendment for 2021-10 and setting the revised budget of the city for the fiscal year ending on June 30.

Some key points of the budget and the revision were reviewed before opening the hearing. Lisa Richens, Price City Finance Director, stated that the general fund increased by $294,000 and that was primarily due to an increase in tax revenues. This is a projection and it may be a bit higher, but Richens did not want to increase it too much.

Licenses and permits were decreased, though there was an increase in government grants. For expenditures, the most noteworthy, according to Richens, is a contract change with the public defender that took place in November. There was also a Main Street Program grant of $40,000.

The Price City Police Department received equipment grants and now have vehicle leases. There are three trucks, which equates to about $16,500. There was $21,850 in library grants and Richens also stated that there will be a lot of additional adjustments that will be done at the end of the year with wages and more.

Richens highlighted a number of other grants and departments before Mayor Mike Kourianos asked about the pool project. Richens stated that she is unsure if it will really get going in this fiscal year, and it will likely carry into next year.

Richens was thanked for her efforts before the public hearing was opened, though there were no residents in attendance to speak. The hearing was closed and the amended budget was then accepted by the council.

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