Wellington Intersection to Temporarily Close for Sewer Project


Due to the ongoing sewer line project, Wellington City announced that the intersection of 300 South and 100 East would be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Though the city assured residents that crews would open the intersection as soon as possible, it is expected to be closed for approximately seven to 10 days. While the intersection is closed, crews will be working to install manholes and sewer line pipe in that area.

The work to trench and lay the sewer line will extend west along 300 South, from the intersection, to Center Street.

“Please find an alternate route and see [the] map for a possible alternate route for traffic along 100 East, trying to travel to/from the area south of the intersection,” shared Wellington City. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

As a reminder, citizens may sign up for weekly updates by emailing “updates” to wellingtonsewerproject@gmail.com. The public information team may be contacted for questions and concerns. They can be reached by phone at (888) 704-4301 or emailed with inquiries at the aforementioned email.

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