Sewer Improvement Project Coming to Wellington


Wellington City has released information regarding the upcoming sewer improvement project to better inform community members on the process and what will be completed.

This is a replacement of existing sewer line pipe to improve the capacity and efficiency of the sewer system. Work is expected to begin on the project as soon as Sept. 8. The city hired Lance Excavation, Inc. to replace failing clay and PVC sewer collection system piping and associated manholes throughout the city.

Wellington City explained that the new lines will add capacity and efficiency to the existing sewer system. The work is expected to continue at least until late summer of 2023, with the potential to go beyond if additional work is added.

It was assured that the contractor will work to maintain access to the residences, businesses and connecting roads as much as possible. With this in mind, there will be times that streets will have to be temporarily closed, though workers will be available to assist with emergency access.

“You can expect traffic lanes to be shifted in roads where work is taking place,” the city shared. “Expect some dust, noise and vibration during working hours.”

When the new sewer line is being connected to individual properties, the city urges residents to expect the loss of sewer ability for approximately one working day. Property owners will be notified in advance of this connection and subsequent service interruption. Those that live or travel through the sewer pipeline project areas must be aware that they will be affected.

“We encourage you to sign up for weekly construction updates by sending an email to and putting ‘Updates’ in the subject line,” said Wellington City.

Possible questions regarding a separate waterline project that will take place at the same time can be directed to VANCON, Inc. at (801) 874-7279 or (801) 404-9576.

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