Wellington City Council Welcomes Boy Scout Troop


Boy Scout Troop 283 saw government in action Wednesday night at the Wellington City Council meeting, when Randy Thayn came before the Council looking for guidance about his property.

Thayn explained that he wants to have his property, which he plans to develop, annexed into the city, allowing him to have a hookup for city services and utilities.

Thayn came before the Council wanting to know if it was feasible to have the property annexed, because as he expressed, ” I don’t want to invest too deep in something that will never really happen.”

The Council the assured him that that area is in the master plan for the city to annex and develop, but asked about the number of lots he plans on dividing the property into to make certain that the City can manage the load which may be put on utilities.

The Scouts from Troop 283 were in attendance working on their Citizenship in the Community and Communications merit badges. In addition to experiencing the Council conducting standard business, they were able to ask questions about what a city council does and how the City runs.

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