Why Does Carbon County Need “Another” Courthouse?


Carbon County Press Release

Why do we need “ANOTHER” courthouse in Price, Utah? This is the $14 million question in Carbon County right now.

Carbon County Commissioner Jae Potter and County Auditor Seth Oveson know the importance of providing the details of the new building for the 7th District Court to our residents so they can better understand why the county has decided to move forward with this project.

The state conducted a study and found that the current 7th District Courthouse did not meet required state standards and would need updating. The upgrades would cost approximately $2.5 million and would only serve as a band-aid. By building a new courthouse and using the current building as an extra revenue source, the county will have two facilities generating revenue in just 20 years.

Many residents are very negative about the new courthouse, mostly because they think it will cost our taxpayers $14 million. In fact, it is quite the opposite. None of the fund will come from local county taxes. The State is designing and managing the project while the county will be the owner of the building, therefore they arranged the financing.

Seven millions dollars of the projected money will come through the Community Impact Board (CIB) fund with a 2.5% fixed interest rate. Our county representatives looked at many options and ultimately determined to only get half of the funds through CIB to leave funds available for other worthy projects that might come up. The other $7 million will be financed through Zions Bank Public Finance.

The money that will be required to pay loans on this project will all come from the State Administrative Office of the Courts. The State will pay for the debt service, debt reserves and maintenance for 23 years. There is also a plan to put a portion of the funds in savings for future repairs and maintenance costs.

“This project is self funding and self perpetuating,” said commissioner Potter. “No funds from the county will be used to support this project. It will be full funded by the State.”

The 7th District Court serves Carbon, Emery Grand and San Juan counties. The court’s main offices must be located within one of those counties and the location is determined at a state level. Considering all of the jobs associated with the court and that it is fully funded by the State, Price is very fortunate to have the courthouse located here.

Our commissioners and county auditor are always willing to sit down with a resident that may have questions or concerns. To scheduled a meeting with the commissioners, call Sandy Lehman at (435) 636-3226. For Seth Oveson, call (435) 636-3224.

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