Young Panther Squad has Love for the Game


The Pinnacle Panthers have a young squad this year with some of the returning golfers being Jostyn McLean, Gracie McDonald, Karder Anderson, Dominick Vigil and Jaxon Atwood.

“They have the task of helping our team become more knowledgeable of the game of golf and to teach them any rules and expectations of the game and the golf course.” said Head Coach Heidi Kay.

When asked about teams that will be tough to face this year, Coach Kay responded, “Both of our opponents Green River and Monticello will be a challenge for us this year. They both have a strong boys’ team and will be tough competition.”

She added, “This will be my fourth year as head coach of Pinnacle’s Boys and Girls Golf teams. It is also the fourth year for Jessica Barker who coaches along with me. Our values that we like our kids to focus on are honesty, self-motivation, responsibility and kindness. We try to create a love for the game. An understanding of rules and self-discipline.”

“Our expectations for this year’s team are to do their best each and every match. To improve on their score each time and find a love for the game of golf.”

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