2 New Council Members for Elmo Town


By Julie Johansen

The January Elmo Town Council meeting was held on Tuesday. Mayor James Winn opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the first item on the agenda was the appointment of new council members.

The council had two vacant seats but only one citizen, Travis Richardson, filed for election, so he filled one council seat. Kendall Christensen then stated his desire to fill the other seat, so he was also appointed. A motion was made and approved to add both Richardson and Christensen to the town council. City clerk Gabrielle Brotherson then administered the oath of office to the two new council members.

Dustin Hansen, who has been trying to annex property in Elmo Town, then addressed the council to request additional paperwork from the town, which is  required by the county to complete his annexation.

Two citizens then addressed the council about city ordinances and requirements for building new homes in Elmo. One concern was about set back footage for additional buildings on the lot with the new home and a request for a variance. The council will review this request.

The other citizen inquired about the access road and improvements along their property. Mayor Winn replied that it was on the special service district’s list and hopefully would be finished next spring.

Mayor Winn also reviewed the council’s assignments and responsibilities for the city, outlining for the new council members what each duty entailed and how to accomplish these assignments.

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