$2.5 Million Cleveland Town Complex on Hold


Plans for Cleveland Town’s new recreation complex hit a snag when Town Councilmen became concerned about what to do with the current, historical recreation center.

The current center would need to be torn down to make room for a complex that would include four softball fields, a track around a lake/pool area, a gymnasium and auditorium, and plenty of rooms for hosting events.

Councilmen thought some citizens might frown on removing the current building. Councilmen decided to host a public meeting to discuss the project. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. on Dec. 8.

“Everybody should have a say,” Councilman Beth Mecham said. “We really need to push this by word of mouth.”

Estimates indicated that the new recreation center would take about eight months to build.

Councilmen looked at the possibility of moving the construction site, but consultants warned that changes would create additional costs to a project that was already approximately $1.5 million over budget.

Councilmen would like as many citizens as possible to attend the upcoming meeting.

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