USU Eastern Students Voice Concern About Changes


Eastern Utah Student Association President Thomas Garvin addressed students Wednesday in an open forum to discuss student concerns over the schools recent restructuring announcement.

Garvin read the following passage from a letter EUSA wrote to the school’s administration:

We feel the timing and implementation of the decision were rushed, and that the campus and staff were not given the necessary time to adjust. We also feel the staff members were not given an appropriate amount of time to consider their options to make the correct decisions for the students, themselves, their families, and the institution. The student association calls upon you to postpone the deadline for the staff members’ decision so that they will have time to finish teaching their classes, perform their duties and responsibilities, and be able to make the life changing decisions [required].

Administrators responded to the letter by extending dates for staff decisions.

“I feel that [the extension] is appropriate,” Garvin said. “It is not too long and not too short. It allows [staff members] time to consider their options.”

Garvin said he understood that difficult decisions needed to be made after the report of drastically declining numbers, but he thought the timing and implementation was rushed.

Garvin also said students have a large responsibility to try to recruit others to attend college at Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah.

Garvin said he was confident that the changes would benefit the student body in the end.


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