4 Panthers Reach Double Figures in Comeback


ETV News Stock Photo Jamie Swank

On Friday, Pinnacle traveled to Montezuma Creek to face Whitehorse. The Raiders were prepared for the Panther invasion, and fought off the early attack. Whitehorse set the tone with 22 points in the first quarter to gain a seven-point advantage. The Panthers then licked their wounds, regrouped and started anew. They hit their mark, battling all the way back to lead 33-32 at halftime.

Out of the break, Pinnacle kept the pedal to the metal with another 19 points in the quarter. That flipped the game on its head as the Panthers took a 12-point lead going into the fourth. They would hold on to win, 68-59.

Cole Barton led the scoring for the Panthers with 21 points. Ryker Howell added another 18 points while Brody Howell recorded a double-double with 14 rebounds and 13 points. In addition, Jonathan Kessler scored 10 points to go along with his seven rebounds, seven assists and five steals.

Pinnacle’s (12-5, 2-0) only game this week will be at Monument Valley (4-9, 0-2) on Tuesday.

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