A Donation to The Helper Project Honors Tom Williams


A recent donation to The Helper Project will work to honor the late Tom Williams, who was an iconic Helper artist. Rachel Simmons, manager of the Anne Jespersen Fine Arts Gallery, presented the check to David Johnsen, a board member of The Helper Project.

Anne Jespersen, the gallery owner, wanted to honor Williams, who passed away last year. He had a special interest in the Locust Park basketball court and would often visit the court to sweep and change the chains. Willams was a constant advocate for basketball within the community, and this donation aims to continue his legacy.

The $10,000 donation will be used to renovate the basketball court located on 100 West in Helper. Those that wish to contribute to honoring Williams can send their tax deductible check to The Helper Project, P.O. Box 427, Helper, Utah 84516.

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