Building a Winning Mentality


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Phil Howa heads into his second season at the helm of the Dinos and so far he likes the growth of the team. “I liked what I saw in the blue and white game,” mentioned Howa. “I saw a lot of gang tackling.”

Increasing the physicality has been a focus for all the Dinos this offseason, especially in the trenches. “Our offensive and defensive lines are our key. The offensive line is tough, they’ve come a long way.” Howa continued, “We are going to put points on the board.”

Carbon has 28 seniors on the team, 10 of which have come out for the first time, showing the increased desire to be a part of what Howa is building. “We are trying to get senior leadership,” remarked Howa.

Some 90 players came out for the team this year, including 41 freshman. “They are good kids that understand the importance of practice.” Howa added, “They’ve bought in. We have the numbers; these kids are being pushed everyday.”

The offense is bringing back a number of skill positions as well. Keaton Rich is back under center with Davin Moss in the backfield. Will Carmichael will move out wide to receiver in an effort to create better matchups with smaller corners. “We have some fire power,” Howa remarked. “We have some good things happening.”

Carmichael will also lead the defense at the linebacker spot, where he earned All-State honors last year. “The defense is trusting each other and coming together. That’s what a good defense needs. They have been communicating well,” stated Howa. “Let your teammates do their job and you do yours.”

Howa wants to focus on the here and now, though, rather than where the program has been. “We will take it one game at a time. I don’t coach to lose. I want to win.” Howa continued, “We are positive. We feel like we can win, and put some points on the board and get some turnovers. We have a tough league, [but] our main goal is getting to a state playoff game.”

“The coaching staff is excited to be here,” Howa concluded. “I’m excited about our young kids coming up.”

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