Carbon Chamber Recognizes the Tony Basso Group as Big Business of the Year


During the 2024 Carbon County Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) Installation Banquet on Thursday evening, Tony Basso and the Tony Basso Group of Companies was awarded the Large Business of the Year Award.

Lisa Mortensen, CCCC Past President, stated that Basso has been a cornerstone of employment within Carbon County with a legacy spanning many years. He has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals through the various ventures under the Tony Basso Group. Basso’s entrepreneurial spirit, Mortensen continued, has given rise to a diverse range of enterprise and each has contributed to the economic vitality of the region.

“Under the expansive Tony Basso Group of Companies, one finds a portfolio that speaks volumes about Tony’s versatility and business insight,” Mortensen stated. “From AJB Holdings and well-known radio station AJB Broadcasting to other popular establishments like Super 8, Crosscut Convenience Store, Flats on First, 911 Pawn, Cash Busters, Club 27, AJB Properties, and MadMan Basso, Tony has established a dynamic and multifaceted presence in the business landscape.”

Mortensen said that Basso is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a community-minded individual with generous contributions that extend well beyond the business realm. He has worked hard and left a permanent mark on the social fabric of Carbon County, she said.

Basso then spoke, stating that he did not know how he would ever have a better life than the one he has in Carbon County. He said in other areas it is obvious that the fabric that this community is based on is all of the residents and highlighted the way that everyone comes together to celebrate, mourn or support.

“There’s nowhere better to live and conduct business,” Basso said. He concluded by stating that if there is ever anything he can do for anyone in the community, he is only a phone call away.

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