Carbon County Scholarship Pageant Spotlighted


The Miss Carbon County Scholarship Pageant was highlighted as the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce’s Community Spotlight during a luncheon on Thursday afternoon. Members of the Carbon County Royalty were in attendance to accept the recognition.

Pageant co-director Merilynn Denison Tubbs began by explaining that the main focus of the pageant is to offer scholarships and to serve the community. Each member of the royalty in attendance was asked to introduce themselves and their platform before explaining their favorite part of their year of service.

Miss Carbon County Peyton Anderson began the introduction with her platform, “Look Before You Leave.” Her platform is based on the tragic accident that took place when she was 18-months-old when her neighbor backed over her with their vehicle, leaving Anderson to relearn everything over the next four months in Primary Children’s Hospital. Through Anderson’s experience, she wishes to bring awareness to the community on safe driving.

Miss Teen Carbon County Ivy Beecher took to the podium next to describe her platform, “K.I.N.D.,” which stands for “Kindness In Noticing Differences.” Beecher struggled with dyslexia at a young age that resulted in a dent in her self-confidence. She wrote and illustrated a book that is dedicated to the diversity and inclusion in our community.

“I decided to write a book to prove that even though I am dyslexic, I can do great things,” said Beecher.

Mini Miss Persayis Kennington then stole the hearts of everyone in attendance by explaining that her favorite part of her position is serving the community and all the fun memories she has made with her royalty sisters.

Miss Teen Attendants Tianna Peacock and Camryn Frandsen both explained to the crowd that their favorite part of holding a position in Carbon County’s royalty is being able to serve within the community along with all the many people they have met along the way, including their royalty sisters.

“We just want to thank the commissioners and the businesses in the community for their continued support,” said Tubbs.

It was also announced that the Miss Carbon County and Miss Teen Carbon County orientation will take place on June 13 at Mont Harmon Middle School. During the event, all questions regarding the pageant and responsibilities of the positions will be answered. The orientation for Mini, Little and Junior will be held on July 6.

Those interested in learning more should contact pageant director Kylie Howes at (435) 650-6744 or visit Pageant day for Mini, Little and Junior will be Aug. 12, while the Miss Carbon County and Miss Teen pageant will take place on Aug. 13.

“This is an amazing opportunity for them to get out of their comfort zone,” concluded Anderson.

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