Carbon County Sheriff Gives Updates


By Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood

I wanted to take a few minutes and update the public on the happenings at the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office. We are currently in the process of compiling a new corrections roster. This is always an exciting time at our office, and we currently have a list of approximately 30 new candidates. We will run them through a battery of tests consisting of a physical test, written test and oral interview. I am excited to be part of this process and look forward to getting to know the new candidates.

I recently took part in a video that you can find on the county’s webpage. This video explains the difference in certifications and the testing process for both corrections as well as road deputies. You can view that video or contact our office if you have any questions about becoming a member of the sheriff’s office team.

Lately, I have noticed a lot of discussion in the media and social media about local police officers and people airing complaints about them. The sheriff’s office operates on the premise of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability. The sheriff’s office has a grievance and complaint process and will hold our officers accountable.

We feel that it does not help our office or the public in general if complaints go un-investigated. I just want to mention that if one of our officers has encountered the public, that entire encounter is recorded on the patrol vehicle’s camera or the deputy’s body camera. If a complaint is lodged, we would ask that it be put in writing with the understanding that we will review the recording.

I would also point out that our officers are community oriented, but they will not compromise safety for any reason. Until you have walked a mile in an officer’s shoes, you should not question the measures they take to assure they can see inside a vehicle or observe someone’s actions to be sure they are not putting themselves in harm’s way. With that said, I would ask that our officers be given due process prior to being judged in the media or public.

Winter time is in full swing. I just want to remind everyone that the snow base in town does not reflect the incredible amount of snow in our foothills and mountains. Please take caution in the backcountry; avalanches are always a concern as well as becoming stuck and needing to be rescued. Be sure someone knows where you are and that your cell phone is fully charged, your vehicle has plenty of gas in the tank, and you have proper gear in the event of an extended stay. Search and rescue is prepared and ready to go in the event they get called out. I do want to clarify that they do not recover vehicles that are stuck; this is a job best left to our local towing businesses.

I believe that we live in a great community and appreciate the overwhelming community support our local law enforcement has in this community. I am grateful to be in the position of sheriff and look forward to the challenges ahead.

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