Carbon County Sherriff’s Office Clairifies Amendment to Evacuation of Scofield Area


Carbon County Deputy Sheriff Wally Hendricks recently brought to the attention of some confusion surrounding the recent amendment to the evacuation order of the Scofield area.

On July 1, a press release was sent to members of the press stating that the evacuation order for Scofield town had been lifted. Hendricks said this information is accurate, but that “the greater Scofield area is still under evacuation.”

Hendricks explained, “I think the confusion lies in distinguishing the difference between Scofield Township and the greater Scofield area. They are two different things.”

He went on to say, “Access to the area is restricted and controlled. Only a select few are being allowed into Scofield Town.”

Hendricks encouraged the public to call the Fire Information Line at 636-3298 with any questions they may have.

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