Carbon School District Science Fair Sees Many Accomplishments


The Carbon School District Science Fair was recently hosted at the Carbon County Fairgrounds, where many students came together to display their hard work and research.

This is a yearly event that is hosted to give the students a chance to show how hard they have been working through the year, displaying what they have learned and taken an interest in. Students from Carbon High School (CHS), Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS) and Helper Middle School (HMS) all participated.

In the junior division of Behavioral and Social Science, Maggie Hinckley took first place while Kathryn Banasky took second. Both of these students are Mont Harmon Pirates. Chemistry for the junior division saw MHMS’s Kaylynn Black in first, HMS’s Avy Atwood in second and Cameron Black of Mont Harmon in third.

Earth and Environment, junior division, had two MHMS winners as well. Jaxon Stansfield secured first place and was followed by Shannon Wilson in second. Hunter Pero of Helper Middle School was the first place winner of the Engineering category for the junior division while Tage Noyes and Lily Thayn, MHMS, were the first and second place finishers for Medicine and Health.

Makailey Porter took first place in Product Testing. She was followed by Denali Dart, second place, and Morgan Evans and Maddison Nielson in third place. All of these students are Mont Harmon Pirates.

In the senior division, all of the competitors were students of CHS and Jacey Stansfield secured the first place spot for Animal Science.

In Behavioral and Social Science, Jackson Smith took first place and was followed by Kaylie Sharp and Avery Gunter in second and third, respectively. Honorable mentions were given to Jenna Birch and Raegan Worley.

Zachary Chappell took first place in Chemistry while Natalie Peck came in second and Mattie Chiara took third. For Engineering: Electrical and Mechanic, first place went to Sean Stromness. Jeremiah Ison followed in second and Nathan Hobbs and Emily Parry took third while an honorable mention was given to the duo of Kayla Lee and Lizabeth Pugliese.

Both Energy and Transportation and Environmental Science only had one winner, with Tenley Madsen taking first for the former and Lindsie Fausett securing first place for the latter. Ambrey Vincent, Dylan Curtis and Jackson Griffeth took first, second and third places for Engineering: Materials and Bio.

Medicine and Health saw Chloe Monson securing first followed by Braxton Ware in second and Alexis Dart in third. The duo of Linsey Jespersen and Kaytlynn Johnson took first in Microbiology, joined by Parker Morgan in second and Jezmin Pressett in third. In Plant Science, Karson Root took first while Kobe Cruz and Rylan Hart secured second place.

Easton Horsley and Dallin Watson took the title of first place in Physics and Astronomy. They were joined by Garrett and Pierce Bryner in second and Max and Beverly Lancaster in third. Honorable mentions were given to Easton Humes and Isabeau Miller.

Up next for these accomplished students is the regional competition at Southern Utah University.

See even more results and accomplishments from the district science fair below.

Category Junior Division School Senior Division School
Most Creative Project Kathryn Banasky Kobe Cruz/Rylan Hart
Most Informative Project Maddie Hinckley Lindsey Jespersen/Kaytlynn Johnson
Project With Most Skill Zachary Chappell
Most Thorough Project Morgan Evans/Maddison Nielson Garrett Bryner/Pierce Bryner
Project With Most Independent Research Kaylynn Black Jackson Smith
Most Original Project Hunter Pero Chloe Monson
Best Self-Explanatory Project Alexa Jones Avery Gunter
Most Attractive Project Lindsie Fausett
Most Unique Project Tage Noyes Easton Humes
Best Approach to Solving a Problem Cameron Black Jeremiah Ison
Most Clearly Explained Project Makailey Porter Dylan Curtis
Most Dramatic Use of Information Avy Atwood Blake Grundy
Most Resourceful Student Denali Dart Nathan Engar
Most Innovative Project Shannon Wilson Emily Parry/Nathan Hobbs
Project Making the Best Use of the Scientific Method Lily Thayn Madalyn Johnson
Project Making the Best Use of Photography Jaxon Stansfield Parker Morgan
Best Aligned Science Fair Project Easton Horsley/Dallin Watson
SuperIntendent’s Award Avy Atwood Nathan Engar
Kiwanis Young Scientist Award Kaylynn Black Easton Humes
                   Kiwanis Mad Scientist Trophy Hunter Pero
Castleview Hospital Medicine/Health Awards Lily Thayn Ambrey Vincent
SEUEPA Awards Hunter Pero Max Lancaster/Beverly Lancaster
Cameron Black Savanna Rasmussen
Kaylynn Black Sean Stromness
Mortensen Engineering Awards Hunter Pero Jeremiah Ison
Kayla Lee/Lizabeth Pugliese
Sean Stromness
Top Ten Outstanding Projects Maggie Hinckley Jenna Birch
Kaylynn Black Blake Grundy
Jaxon Stansfield Avery Gunter
Hunter Pero Madalyn Johnson
Tage oyes Jackson Smith
Makailey Porter Raegan Worley
Denali Dart Zachary Chappell
Avy Atwood Jeremiah Ison
Morgan Evans/Madison Nielson Nathan Engar
Cameron Black Easton Humes
USU-Eastern-Scholarships Ambrey Vincent
Jackson Smith
Blake Grundy


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