Carbon Vocalists Participate in All State Choir


Carbon School District Press Release

On Oct. 6-8, the annual All State Choir event took place at Taylorsville High School and Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

All State Choir is an event that takes place every year for the top choir students from schools across the state. The students are selected by their directors, and the schools are limited on the number of students they can bring based on their choir program’s size.

Carbon was allowed to bring eight students. Those students were Alexzaia Arno, Nathan Engar, Kasia Earl, Spencer Hepworth, Emma Parker, Isaac Chiara, Chloe Parker and Spencer Tullis.

The students had to learn all of their music outside of class time (on their own). Then, they rehearsed all day Oct. 6-8 at Taylorsville High School with the combined 600 voice choir. They were conducted by a guest clinician Dr. Julie Yu from Kansas State University. The concert was held on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Tabernacle at Temple Square.

The students performed a variety of styles of music, including a piece with organ accompaniment, a capella pieces, a song about school shootings and an Indonesian song. They performed a total of six songs.

“All state choir is a wonderful opportunity for students to be able to experience high-quality singing and instruction,” said Mrs. Kaitlyn Ipson, the choir director at Carbon. “Many of the students came away from this being better musicians and understanding how music can truly change the soul.”

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