Castle Dale City Plans for Walking/Biking Path


On Thursday, May 12, Castle Dale City began its monthly council meeting with a motion to enter a public hearing. The purpose of this hearing was to receive public comment about re-zoning the area on First North from Main Street to First East.

The zoning change request was to change this area from residential to commercial. There were no comments, prompting the council to close the public hearing. However, because the item had not been posted on the agenda, the action from the council will be postponed until June’s meeting.

This hearing was followed by another public hearing regarding the Community Development Block Grant that Castle Dale City has received to be used for a walking/biking path along Ghost Road from Castle Dale to Highway 29. Once again, no comments were received and the hearing was closed. With the grant funding, the costs of the path will nearly be covered.

Next, the council was approached by the Morris family regarding constant sewer back-up problems. They were advised by councilman Brad Giles that they needed to take this matter to the Castle Valley Special Service District’s next board meeting on May 20 at 7 p.m. Councilperson Julie Johansen responded that since they pay their sewer bill to the city, it seems that they should receive adequate sewer service to their property line. The family feels that the line was incorrectly installed several years ago, causing their problems.

Discussion and approval of hiring a pre-audit CPA was next on the agenda but the majority of the evening was spent reviewing the tentative budget for 2021-22. Each line item was considered with additions and subtractions deemed necessary to ensure that the revenue and expenditures match.

Zoning administrator Kerry Lake reported on the last Land Use Committee meeting where the discussion has been about amending the general plan to change the future road extension map to exclude Sixth North to Highway 10. This had been tabled until an official request was submitted. Lake also showed a map of the north side of Esquire Estates where an investor is interested in making changes for more permanent housing.

Nosh Arrien, maintenance foreman, stated that the demolition on Main Street is almost complete and his crew is now busy preparing for Memorial Day. Fire Chief Britni Moreno explained that they have organized a Hope Squad and the organization is planning a barbecue with the fire department in the near future.

Following a closed executive session, a motion was made for a salary increase for a part-time employee in the amount of $1 per hour.

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