Chamberlain Breaks 37 Year High School Record


In 1987, Carbon Dino Swimmer Tina Gentry set the Women’s Swimming record in the 50 Yard Free with a time of 25.97. Her amazing achievement stayed secure for 37 years.

During the 2023-24 State Swimming Championships at BYU, Alyssa Chamberlain was set to break that record. She achieved that goal with a time of 25.86, solidifying her time as the fastest recorded for a Carbon Dino in the event.

Allie Chamberlain, Alyssa’s mother and coach, was awarded the UHSAA 3A Coach of the year and was honored at BYU for her years of excellence.

She expressed, “Alyssa has had her eye on this record since we moved here nine years ago. She spent countless hours in the pool, working to achieve her goal of breaking the record. As her mom and coach, I couldn’t be prouder, she inspires me daily.”

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