Choirs Participate in USUE Choir Festival


Carbon School District Press Release

Carbon High School, Helper Middle School and Mont Harmon Middle School Honor Choirs participated in the USUE Honor Choir Festival held Nov. 4-5. Twelve middle and high schools to the north and south of Price in Eastern Utah were invited to participate and nine of them chose to do so. Larry Martin, a lecturer in the music department at USU Eastern and the festival organizer, said that this is the fourth year hosting the event.

Mrs. Deborah Neerings, Assistant Director of the Salt Lake Children’s Chorus, conducted the middle school choir, and Mr. Matt Thornton of American Fork Junior High conducted the high school choir. The middle school choir performed five songs individually and the high school choir performed four, while both performed one song together.

Carbon students: Maisie Iverson, Joslyn Sanders, Aly Bryner, Nathan Weber and Sylvian Gurule

Helper students: Chelsey Bishop, Hannah Erkkila, Casadie Wilkinson, Aileen Green, Collin Bishop, Morgan Richardson, Emma Dart, Josie Vea, Yo’Sea Romo, Allea Romo, Wynter Salazar, Sabrina Sharp, Emme Stockdale and Cecily Riley

Mont Harmon students: Dylan Bates-Wood, Aedan Bridge, Pyper Frandsen, Gabriella Lucero, Kelsey Richards, Taley Thayn, Jerusha Watson, Betty Olsen, Adelia Peacock, Embree Wetzel, Alana Austin, McKayla Benoit, Brielle Dirks, James Stephens, Matt Stromness, Cason Taylor, Dominik Torres, Michael Weber, Hadlee Carlson, Cadi Heaton and Daisey Larsen

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